About SNB Consulting Services

Sue Nelson Buckley of SNB Consulting Services has extensive experience creating and maintaining business and leisure oriented websites. She excels at creating a strategy for online marketing to increase exposure and return on investment for her clients.

Her background in corporate, not-for-profit and customer service companies has given her a true understanding of how people search on the internet and how vital it is to have an easily found, simple to navigate, information rich website.

She also understands that just having a website is not enough

Her passion is small business. She loves the energy and excitement that comes from starting a business from scratch and watching it grow. She is continually researching, investigating and testing new internet marketing platforms to enable her clients to take advantage of the emerging opportunities that are best suited to their individual business strategies.

Sue has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. She has also taken a variety of courses from UNBSJ and BCIT including several on web design and development. She is constantly researching and testing different platforms for social media to ensure she knows which ones are best suited for her clients needs. In her spare time, Sue is an avid writer and photographer. Always eager to explore, she is rarely seen without a camera, her laptop, pen and notebook.

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Contact Sue directly for further information about SNB Consulting Services at sue@snbconsultingservices.ca or phone (604) 202 4519