Merging Traditional and Internet Marketing

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Some of us have been in business for years. When I earned my degree, they were still talking about the information highway that would someday be available for everyone...and really, it wasn't that long ago!

The tools we use, may have changed but it's important to remember, people haven't.

The human factor behind the marketing strategies is the same as it has been for eons. Think Lydia Pinkham and her tonic for women's complaints in the mid-1800s. It was so popular that it was known the world over.

Why am I giving you a weird trivia, history lesson?

Two words: 1850s and world-renowned. Now that's effective marketing.

How did Lydia do it? She knew her audience, identified their need and showed them how much better their life would be if they used her tonic.

As you build your web presence it's important to keep the strategies that already work and incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy. Use your business cards and brochures to steer potential customers to your blog which validates your expertise and lets them know your business personality. Your blog steers them to your website to see your portfolio and by the time they call you, they're ready to do business.


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