Thinking outside the box for new opportunities

Sometimes being different is good

Everyone wants to be noticed and when you're running a small business, being seen is vital. If potential customers don't know your company exists, they cannot buy your products or services.

Having a great website is a good start, but if you aren't steering traffic toward it, it's about as effective as a billboard lying face down in your back yard. Not matter how beautiful the layout or expensive the programming, it's useless if people don't see it.

Social media gives you a leg up. You can promote not only you business, but your own knowledge and expertise and that of your employees. But what if your competitors are doing the same thing?

Happily, the ever-changing internet can provide the answer. New platforms are constantly being developed and new ways to use existing ones are created.

None of us have time to try out every new fad that comes along, but there are some tried and true methods that may require a little more creativity to adapt to your needs, but finding a way to use them effectively might give you the edge you need to beat your competition.

Some companies use for product demos, staff interviews and client testimonials. Others host meetings and seminars using Second Life. Others use Twitter and FourSquare to offer discounts and contests. The possibilities are endless and ever-changing.


We're constantly researching and testing, we'll help guide you to decide which platforms are best for your business. Contact SNB Consulting Services today to find out how we can help your business grow. Email or phone (604) 202 4519.