How Social Media Fits

Everyone says you need to use it - but no one tells you how!

A relatively new player on the internet scene is social sedia. Sometimes you'll hear it refered to as Web 2.0, the next step in the development of how we use the internet.

It's a great thing for small business owners and consultants. It gives us a way to advertise our expertise and availabilty without spending a lot of money. In fact small businesses typically use platforms such as blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn more effectively than larger corporations.

The best part: social media is inexpensive with a high ROI (Return on Investment)

To use social media effectively you MUST have a strategy. Each platform has a different purpose and audience. You want to choose the ones that will most effectively find your customers and grow your business. Adding the use of social media to your overall marketing strategy streamlines the use of your time and resources which increase your effectiveness in attracting and engaging customers.


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