Web Content That Sells

It's not what you say, it's how you say it that counts

We all know this is true in face to face conversations but did you know it's also true for web content. When viewers see your web page, they make assumptions. It takes only a second and like all first impressions, they tend to last and shadow all interactions they have with you.

Who should Attend:

Anyone who wants to learn to write content that will engage viewers and motivate them to become clients.

You will Learn

How to capture viewers attention in a way appropriate for your business.

How to appeal to your customers and make them feel confident in choosing your services.

How to convert viewers to customers by asking them to act.

Pitfalls to avoid and how to test for results.


To find out when the next session will be held or to arrange a private consultation, please contact SNB Consulting Services at sue@snbconsultingservices.ca or phone (604) 202 4519