Landing Pages

It's all about Control

The problem

You have several promotions running: how do you identify which ones are effective.

Different products for different people: how do you steer potential customers to what's right for them?

The Answer: Landing Pages

Landing pages can be separate pages that aren't a permanent part of your website or they can be pages within your website devoted to a specific product or service. They are used to effectively guide your potential clients directly to the information they expect to see.

For example, if I advertise a seminar on 'How to Effectively Use Social Media' the last thing I want is to steer potential attendees to my homepage.

Sure my homepage is nice, but it`s designed to give an overview of my company and the services I offer. It doesn't immediately give the information on my seminar. I've lost credibility. I have failed to deliver on my promise of "click here for more information".

Landing Pages can be your secret weapon.

You control what information the potential customer sees when they arrive at your website depending on the source. For example one potential sees an advertisement for web content while another wants to learn more after reading an article you wrote on creating an effective profile.

You can tailor individual landing pages to suit each advertisement and use a separate URL for each to track where your traffic is coming from.


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