Build Your Website

I wish I could tell you that building a website is easy and will take just a few hours of your time.

But... I'm assuming you'd like to do it right, make it effective and ensure you are doing all you can to draw people in and convert them from browsers to purchasers.

Just like your business plan and marketing strategy. There is a lot of background research involved to create a website and supporting systems that will engage your clients and inspire them to act.

While SNB Consulting Services builds your website, we'll help you create the rest of your online presence to give you the edge you'll need to stay ahead of the competition.


All Packages include:
  • Layout & Design
  • Content Assistance
  • Function Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Marketing Coaching (including best practices for using social media, blogs and other internet marketing tools)
Single Page Website - $100

One Page only - Does not include any downloadable documents. Three Images - including banner, logo and 1 additional photo provided by client (images can also be purchased from SNB Consulting Services) Content - 250-1000 words Link to Email Address

Small Website - $350

Layout design for homepage and up to 10 additional pages (same layout as Homepage). Content limited to no more than 1200 words per page. Downloadable PDFs are counted as a page.

Large Website - $750

Layout design for homepage and up to 20 additional pages (same layout as Homepage). Blog, powered by Wordpress, customized to match your website.Content limited to no more than 1200 words per page. Downloadable PDFs are counted as a page.

Extras (billed separately at $25/hour)

(or they can be negotiated to create a custom package)

  • Domain Name Purchase: cost of domain name plus.5 hour
  • Website Hosting: cost of hosting plus .5 hour plus
  • Template Design & Coding for separate style home page: 2-5 hours, depending on complexity
  • Blog Set-up: 3-5 hours (depending on degree of customization)
  • Email subscrption set up: cost of monthly Aweber fee plus 1-2 hours
  • Photo Gallery: 4-8 hours, depending on the number of photos and style of galley
  • Simple Animated .gif Image: 1-2 hours
  • Stock Photos provided by SNB Consulting Services: $50 each, images can be used in online and print advertizing, copyright remains with SNB Consulting Services


Initial Meeting

1-2 hours - Objective: identify needs based on business. Discuss likes and dislikes from competitor and other websites Homework: questionnaire to fill out to better identify market and strategy and begin content development.

Proposal will be submitted, once approved a contract will be signed including agreed upon interim deadline dates to keep the project on time, on track and on budget.


This is your website. Throughout the process you will be updated on progress and required to sign off on your approval on each stage of the process.


Provided by the client.SNB Consulting Services will reformat your content to effective web copy and optimize for Search Engine Optimization.

Establishing Online Presence

The website is just one tool in creating an effective online presence. Following the marketing strategy . Online and in person networking is the key to making sure your business is a success.


Third party testing is done to ensure functionality and usability throughout the process to ensure the website fufills its purpose.

Finished Website

Once final approval is given, your website is uploaded and submitted to the search engines.

Continued Support

After the website is launched, adjustments can be made for up to thrity days to tweak wording and adjust spacing within the layout.

Social Media Support will be ongoing via interaction and sharing new information regarding best practies through the different platforms.


Contact SNB Consulting Services today to find out how we can help your business thrive. Email or phone (604) 202 4519.